Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Traffic Problems

Hi Guys,

I was travelling from Bangor on Tuesday evening at around 8.15 and made the mistake of turning right at the Penrhosgarnedd mini roundabout (instead of going straight on).

I saw a queue ahead and thought I'd play a crafty one by taking a little detour. I realised my error immediately as I drove onto a non moving queue leading up to the expressway roundabout.
There I stood for around ten minutes hardly moving an inch and cars queued behind me, preventing me from turning round.

Talking to yourself is bad enough, but swearing to yourself is worse, but this is what I ended up doing. The tailbacks on the roundabout led in all directions and I eventually arrived home none the wiser what the problem was.

It seemed that I was not the only one annoyed, because upon checking my emails the following day this was in my inbox.

Names etc have been changed to protect the sender. It seemed that the same thing happened on Monday too.


Dear Gareth,

Has anybody whinged about the expressway being closed on Monday night and the huge volume of traffic bound for Anglesey, mainly massive HGVs, being diverted over the Menai Bridge?

Was notice of the closure (roadworks?) mentioned PROMINENTLY anywhere?

I came back from Manchester (as you know) late Sunday night and I do not remember any warning signs for Monday night.

I went into Bangor at 10.00pm on Monday night (to drop off my friend Sandra) and did not get back home until 11.54pm - nearly 2 hours for (at that time of night) a 20 minute round trip.

There were HUNDREDS of HGVs stuck in the jam (who presumably were making for the Holyhead ferries) and I must admit that, when I finally came to the Menai Bridge, I left a big gap between my car and the lorries in front, in case the bridge sagged in the middle with their weight.

It cannot be good for a bridge (built in the days of horse and cart) to be carrying so many HGVs at any one time.

I bet that later on, there were quite a few HGV drivers (who had not given himself/herself an adequate safety margin to reach the ferry port) who ended up with increased heart-rate and blood pressure levels!

Sandra's daughter and her husband, who live in Gaerwen, were also caught up in it until 11.00pm and could not phone their baby-sitter (mother-in-law) who was worried sick about them.

Furthermore, mum-in-law starts work early in the morning so she did not get her usual quantity of beauty sleep!

There's always something to moan about, eh?



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