Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Last week' Bangor Forum Meeting

Hi Everyone,
Bangor Eye has now put parts of last week's meeting online in video form.
I would like to apologise in advance for the poor quality sound. This was mainly due to the acoustics being so bad in the room.
However if you turn up the volume on your PC, you should make sense of it all.

It was a very lively meeting with many of the attendees anxious to ask questions about different problems in the city. Unfortunately on this occasion the questions were directed at different issues in the area and it was promised, that the Forum as a mediator would try to arrange fro different officers from Gwynedd Council etc to be present on the next meeting, so that the questions could be directed to the right people. Check back to Bangor Eye soon, so that we can update you on the date and times of this proposed meeting.

In the meantime, I have been sent a report on the presentation given by Mr Dafydd Hughes of the Assembly by the Forum's Secretary Mrs June Marshall.

Here is the report in full.


Report on the inaugural meeting of the Bangor Business Forum held in the Penrhyn Hall, Bangor on 14th. August 2007 at 6pm.

The meeting was opened by the Chairman of the Bangor Business Forum, Douglas Madge, who welcomed the audience and introduced the speaker, Mr Dafydd Hughes, Director of the Mon Menai scheme.

In the course of his presentation Mr Hughes presented a vision of Bangor as the leading urban area in the “Menai Hub”, an area described by the triangle formed by Bangor, Caernarfon and Llangefni. Investment in this region, it is hoped, will radiate lasting economic benefits across the region. At the heart of the plan is the development of indigenous high tech industries, high quality sustainable tourism and the potential of the transport corridor to Ireland.

There are to be better rail links to London and improvements to the A55 and the Britannia Bridge. There is to be investment in a new “Firespeed” fibre optic Internet connection. Plans are being developed for Hirael Bay, including the pier, and Bangor High Street will have a face lift. Work is ongoing to develop strategic sites such as Parc Menai and Bryn Cegin. A new South Anglesey industrial park is proposed.

The scheme is working closely with the University, Coleg Menai and Gwynedd and Anglesey Councils. Both the University and Coleg Menai have a strategic role in providing a highly trained work force to take advantage of the new opportunities.

The scheme proposes to support the marine industrial sector and attractions which will bring year round high spending tourists to the area. This includes improving the access for cruise ships on Anglesey.

The scheme would like to attract investment for a large hotel with conference facilities in Bangor but has been unable to persuade consultants that there is a business case for this.

Dafydd Hughes responded to questions and comments following the presentation.
Although the scheme was welcomed, there were some reservations expressed. When questioned, Mr Hughes was unable to indicate the level of investment which will come to Bangor. Nor could he give an assurance that local businesses would be given preferential access to tendering opportunities. Those present were concerned about the implications of the proposals and there is undoubtedly a need for more discussions and consultation if Bangor is to gain full benefit from this scheme.

June Marshall
Bangor Business Forum

21st. August 2007

That's all for now see you all here soooon!
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Friday, 10 August 2007


Hi everyone,

I have just received this newsletter from Jenny Blakemore of BACBAC.

I have cut an pasted the contents below:

PC Ian Ellis
PC 1314 is leaving his position of CBM for the High Street in Bangor

I am sure all the businesses in both Bangor and Caernarfon will join me in wishing PC Ellis farewell and good luck in his new role.
PC Ellis joined the Police Force in 1978 his postings have included CID (criminal Investigations Department) in Bangor, Coroners Officer, he has been stationed at Holyhead, Llangefni and Aberffraw before coming to Bangor as CBM in 2002

Without PC Ellis’s hard work and determination to make a difference to the High Street there would not be a post of Business Crime Reduction Co-ordinator therefore we would not be running a successful Radio Link and Exclusion Scheme.

He succeeded in getting the backing and support of the local Community Safety Facilitator Eira Huws , Chairman of Community Safety Group Ayrton Westwood and Action Against Business Crime Manager Steve Booth between them they successfully applied for funding from the Home Office for a post of Business Crime Co-ord.

He has been involved in many many initiatives in the effort to improve Bangor. And a great support to myself and all the businesses in both Bangor and Caernarfon.

Goodbye and
Good Luck
PC Ellis


Stock Loss Survey
On average BACBAC
Businesses on Bangor High Street take around £20 million a year. Indications show that there has been a significant improvement in stock loss results businesses have report to the co-ord that there has been a reduction of almost 50% in their shrinkage since BACBAC was inaugurated. Since the launch of the Exclusion Scheme and the introduction of the Radio link with CCTV businesses and their staff have been far more vigilant when it comes to internal and external theft.

We have been hearing on a regular basis from different sources that offenders from the Bangor and Caernarfon areas are been caught shop lifting further a field. We have heard stories from Holyhead, Llandudno, Rhyl and Pwllheli. These traveling offenders are people we have excluded from your businesses as part of the BACBAC Exclusion Scheme.
When Security staff in Llandudno asked one offender why she was shoplifting so far from home she replied “because I am BARRED from Bangor and Caernarfon, well I have to shoplift somewhere”
Other areas are now in the process of setting up similar schemes so we need to be aware that we may also get displacement from other areas especially coming up to the Christmas trading period.
As and when others schemes are set up I will be forming links so that we can all share information on prolific shoplifters that might travel to our areas.

PC1314 Ian Ellis:
“Although I am looking forward to the challenge of my new role back on CID. I will be sorry to leave Bangor where I have made many friends and have been so readily and warmly accepted by the community and in particular the businesses of Bangor.
When I look back at my police service one of the initiatives I am proudest of is the role I played in setting up BACBAC the businesses have enthusiastically and whole heartedly move it forward under the leadership of Jenny to the success it is today. Thank you very much for your support”
Ian PC1314

LL57 1NW

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Thursday, 9 August 2007

Bangor Business Forum Open Meeting

Hi everyone,
I received this open letter so that I could post it on the Bangor Blog. So here it is in it's entirety. I hope you will all be able to attend.

Over the next six years the Welsh Assembly Government and the European Union will be making a substantial investment in the economy of Bangor under the Mon Menai Scheme.

The Bangor Business Forum invites all businesses operating in Bangor to send a
senior representative to attend a special meeting where they can learn more about the scheme.

Dafydd Hughes, the Assembly officer leading the Mon Menai scheme will give a presentation on the investment proposals being explored and to listen to suggestion and ideas.

The meeting will be held on Tuesday 14th Aug st at 6.00pm in Penrhyn Hall, Ffordd Gwynedd, Bangor. To enable those attending to come straight from work there will be light refreshments available from 5pm, giving the business community a rare opportunity to network.

It would be helpful to the organisers of this event if you could indicate if you would like to attend, Please send an email to info@dbdbangor.org advising of your intention to attend, or if you are unable to attend if you you would like to receive an email with any information coming out of the meeting.

The Bangor Retail forum was formed in 2005 to consider initiatives required to improve the retail business environment. It has functioned as a useful liaison group bringing together business people trading in Bangor with officers from relevant Gwynedd Council departments, community leaders and the police.

Recently in response to the opportunities offered by the Mon Menai Scheme, the Forum has changed its name to the Bangor Business Forum with the intention of becoming a constituted membership organisation. The Forum will be sending out a newsletter and inviting applications for membership in due course.

For further information contact June Marshall (secretary) on 01248 370 955 or email info@dbdbangor.org

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Monday, 6 August 2007

Penrhyn Castle

Hi Everyone,
Well - the summer holidays are in full swing and most of us are knocking our heads against walls about how to keep the kids happy.

Today I took my little boy to Penrhyn Castle. I hadn't been there since a child myself and remember my own father taking us on a 'rainy' weekend in the 1960's or perhaps 70's. Ok, Ok, I know I'm showing my age but there you go.
I didn't really remember all that about it. I remember this posh wall paper hung on the walls which were protected by perspex and that's about it.

So imagine my disappointment when upon arrival toady I was faced with a bill of £12 just to get in!!!
Nevertheless pay up we did and expecting to get ripped off by a boring day out.
How wrong could I be? The castle itself is beautifully preserved by the National Trust and a credit to everyone involved. And of course you had to pay extra for the guide books etc so we opted not to spend too much, the boy is only 8 yrs old and a lot of the history would no doubt go over his head.
Helpful Guides
What he wanted to know was answered by the guides who were in every room.
Fantastic furniture, fine crystals, preserved cornice's and coving's and exquisite cornices on the ceilings, and of course the wall paper as I remembered it - in all it's glory. Not to mention an original Rembrandt hanging in one of the last rooms we visited!!!
Doll and Rail Museum
A museum of dolls and a railway museum to boot was all we could possibly ask for in a great day out. To cap it all we watched some brave visitors abseiling down one of the towers.
We didn't do the walks outside (even though it was a beautiful day) but we had a little look round the grounds which were cut trimmed and were in an excellent condition.

If you are stuck for somewhere to take the kids this summer, then you don't need to look much further than Penrhyn Castle. (and I can assure you they have not paid for this piece).
As you can imagine, my little boy wanted to know if it was haunted (it certainly looked as if it was) and even though the guides were under instructions not to scare us with tales. we were told that often visitors had felt a sad presence in one of the corridors. We pushed some more for the story, but I'll let you find out yourself what the story was.

See you Sooon!

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Sunday, 5 August 2007

Hi Banorites,
I have just received a letter from our good friends at Bangor City Football Club. It is regarding their up and coming LEGEND GAME which will take place on August 26th. Instead of me blabbing on about it, read it yourselves below and if you are interested then please contact them through their details at the bottom of the letter.

Dear All,

A drive along Holyhead Road in Bangor means two things to a Bangor City FC fan. One, the long awaited start of the development and new stadium of Nantporth and two, the countdown until the final game of football to be played at Farrar Road. For many of us that last game at Farrar Rd will be an emotional time due to the history and atmosphere of the place itself. A walk around the ground on match days, the stands and terraces full of familiar faces, all with a tale to tell of times gone by.

I hear the names of the legends which are thrown in to conversation, JACKSON, CONDE, MCGOWEN, TELFORD, BROADHEAD to name a few, to reminisce and ponder upon, conversations in which people smile and enjoy the good times they had.

The enjoyment of football at Farrar Road plays a part in many peoples’ lives in Bangor. The countdown has begun….with a new season soon to begin the Bangor City Football Club Supporters Association have organised a long awaited and much talked about legends game. The event, Bangor City Legends vs. Everton Legends is to take place at Farrar Rd on August 26th 2007, 2.30pm Kick off. With a number of players from the 80s, 90s and 2000s it will be a pleasure to welcome them back to Farrar Rd.

This is also an appeal to any Bangor ex-players who we haven’t been able to contact, because as you can appreciate it is totally impossible to contact you all, If you are still playing and would like to take part in the match please get in touch. Or, if you have hung up your boots many years ago and would still like to meet up with your ex team mates please come along. A warm welcome awaits both supporters and players. We look forward to seeing you for this once in a lifetime experience.

Contact names and numbers :-

CHAIRMAN MIKE ISHMAEL (ISH) 07810433812 or 01248352699



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