Sunday, 1 July 2007

Shrek the Third

Shrek the Third?

If ever there was a call for Bangor to invest heavily in a new multiplex cinema then Shrek the Third is testimony to that.

I took my son to the Multiplex in Llandudno Junction see this third offering be Mike Myres and the gang and we had to actually book the next show as half an hour before our planned show was sold out! It turned out that our re planned show was sold out as well and the one after that!!!

The movie was released on Friday and had been previewed to previous weekend and had 19 showings throughout Sunday but still the crowds flocked in.

Bangor recently lost its Cinema due to lack of use, yet it seems that people are still interested in Multi screen showings.

Whether Bangor gets one in the city centre or at Llandygai one thing is for sure - it will be well received by the public, lets just hope the prices will be cheaper than what we paid at Junction!

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