Thursday, 28 June 2007

Business Forum error

I got a little carried away with myself yesterday when I claimed there was a meeting planned for next week. Sorry about that I got my dates mixed up, which goes to show, no one's perfect (including me - no matter what my son says!!!)
Anyway no harm done, but if you do want to join this group and make a difference then I'm sure Douglas Madge and the rest will be pleased to welcome you on board.

The group meets bi monthly at the Mentec building by Sackville Road.

On another matter, we have just set up a brand new message board and already one or two of you have joined up (it's FREE) and had a little moan about this that and the other. Hopefully, we will be able to discuss problems and sort out the city (as it were) online. So if you haven't visit the message board yet, then do so soon and join in the fun. Tell all your friends about it too, whilst your at it and lets get the whole city chatting and telling it as it is.

Use it to post your sport clubs scores and reports. I know the football season is over at the moment and most of us guys are bored silly (Roll on August) but there are loads of other things going on in the meantime and the message board is a great way of telling everyone about it.
Obviously we can't allow commercial advertising on it, but we can promote activities which are for the community. So get in touch and tell the world.

That's all 4 now, catch yer all here soooooon!

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